Modern family room, Eames lounge chair, Camerich Brooks Sectional, B&B Itlaia ottoman, modern interior designer, interior design by Via Design, Grand Rapids Michigan,Modern family room, Eames lounge chair, Camerich Brooks Sectional, B&B Itlaia ottoman, modern interior designer, interior design by Via Design, Grand Rapids Michigan,

Contributing “Chaos” to ArtPrize


Since its inception in 2008, ArtPrize has captured local and nationwide audiences by transforming Grand Rapids into a city-wide gallery.

We at Via are proud to be a supportive collaborator and sponsor over the last nine years. The anticipation of this event brings with it the opportunity for our staff to work on one of our favorite projects: the Artprize Clubhouse. Each year, we collaborate with ArtPrize directors to develop a theme, coordinate installations, and create a unique space to make the hospitality center a fun and inviting place for artists and the public.

We take a look back at some highlights of previous years.


ArtPrize Five 2013: House of Cards




In 2013, we worked in conjunction with Scott Christopher Homes to create the largest House of Cards installation in history. The original House of Cards was founded by renown designers, Charles and Ray Eames, in 1952. Facilitating this installation was Carla Hartman, the Eames’ granddaughter, and current director of the Eames’ Office.


The inspiration and theme of the hub was “playful.” 10,000 cards were decorated by local students in grades K 8th, and displayed in a sculpture set up in Rosa Parks Circle and the Urban Institute of Contemporary Art (UICA) with the hope that the public could tour, experience, and play cards on site.






ArtPrize Six 2014: Creativity in the City




Held in the Ledyard building, the space was inspired by the poster Square One Design created from a commissioned illustration done by artist Josh Cochran. The poster celebrates the creative energy of ArtPrize and invites people to explore the “…twists, turns, layers and juxtapositions…” found in art and on the streets of Grand Rapids.





ArtPrize Seven 2015: Urban Park



“Urban park” was the theme of ArtPrize 7’s clubhouse, turning the space donated by the CWD into a representation of each of the seven ArtPrize neighborhoods. Faux grass rugs and a graffiti-style mural offered a peaceful resting place in the middle of the city.





ArtPrize Eight 2016: Clubhouse Loft



In the midst of shoes crafted by Wolverine, the ArtPrize Eight clubhouse featured lounge spaces cultivated to inspire creativity in conversation.





ArtPrize Nine 2017: Chaos



What do ping-pong balls, playdoh, monkeys, and colorful yarn have in common? They were all used to create this year’s ArtPrize Clubhouse! Inspired by the ArtPrize poster, elements of color, vibrancy, and surpirse were scattered around an otherwise relaxing space inspiring this year’s theme: chaos.








Check out this 3D view of the Clubhouse!