Lorna Sikkema, Interior Designer

Lorna was pregnant with her third child when she began interior design correspondence courses at The Chicago School of Design. The year was 1958, and the cost of tuition was $100 for 52 lessons for which she received and returned assignments through the mail. For Lorna, interior design began as way to express herself. “I […]

Via Design Modernizes Grand Haven Board of Light and Power

The Grand Haven Board of Light and Power is a community-owned electric utility servicing homes and businesses in the Grand Haven area with the goal of providing the highest quality electrical service at the lowest practical cost. Since the time it was built in 1989, the building has not received any renovations. When opting for […]

Matt Maher, Furniture Designer

If you’re familiar with our staff, then you probably know many of our employees wear multiple hats. Among our office we have fine artists, a photographer, even a baker! We like to promote (and utilize) these talents; we get excited to see their passions flourish. Recently, Matt Maher designed a collection for the Phillip Reinisch […]