Our Passion is for Design

We understand that the ability to provide good service begins by developing a strong collaborative working environment.

We strive to be the very best at our crafts.  With a broad range of skills and expertise, each member of our team is invaluable.  Working cohesively throughout your project is not only something you should hope for, but something you can expect from us.

Our ultimate goal is for you to be as excited about your project as we are!

Valerie Schmieder

Brian Barkwell

Sara Dupin

Scott Sikkema

Stefanie Dittmer

Emily VanderLaan

Craig Hunsinger

David Bouwsma

Nathan Funk

Dan Teunis

Robert Barcroft

Kelly Richardson

Tiffany Walters

Nate House

Suzanne Makarewicz

Matt Maher

Melissa Marklevitz

Becky Miedema

Victor Scalzo

Courtney Bishop

David Tuck

Kathy Egan

Lorna Sikkema

Justin Stone

Sarah Sadler

Audrey Ferris

Garett Miles

Thom Normandin

Emily Cencer

Adam Schmieder

Aricka Gannon

Susan Rafferty

Mackenzie Quinn